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www.intensiva.it is the result of the collaboration among anesthesiologists, psychologists and nurses from San Paolo hospital in Milan, involving from the beginning many other Italian hospitals.

Our purpose is to help the families of patients hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit.

This project started from an idea of Giovanni Mistraletti, anesthesiologist and University researcher; this Website has the ambitious aim of reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression in ICU patients' relatives through the knowledge of how the department is organized and what you can find around a critically ill patient's bed.

We believe that sharing can make an arduous path lesschi siamo condivisione difficult, so we also want to create a place where relatives, ex-patients and healthcare professionals can share their thoughts and experiences.


Here you can learn about our projects, our publications and check the ethical standards that inspires us.

For any questions and curiosity feel free to contact us.

Last revision of the present website was done in October 10, 2012.

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Team intensiva.it wishes you a good browsing


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