Clown therapy

Clown therapy is a particular type of assistance in the field of health care: some techniques taken from circus and street theater are used with the aim of transforming the department or the hospital room in a magical setting, where laughter can relieve suffering and stimulate dialogue. The Clown Doctor in his/her formation receives, in addition to art techniques, some notions of psychology (in particular about Developmental and Relational Psychology), in order to be able to make his/her intervention targeted on the patient as much as possible. Moreover, the Clown Doctor tries to establish a human relationship of trust and confidence with the bystanders, able to make them forget the daily routine of hospital life, for the benefit of fantasy and imagination.

The importance of this figure is directed not only to the patient but to his whole family, just because patient's improvements are lived and shared by those around him with love and affection.clownterapia


Anyone can become Clown Doctor; there are several organizations that provide training in this field. Here below you can find some links to the sites of organizations that deal with clown therapy.

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