A chance for help

The admission of a relative to the ICU often forces to come in contact with a world full of very strong emotions, such as fear, pain, impotence, but also hope, gratitude and relief.

A new and different awareness can arise from this kind of experience, along with the desire to give something of yourself to others, who are going through a situation similar to yours. Sharing soothes pain, and indeed, many people find in charity work the strength to go on: helping others allows to care for yourself.

There are several ways through which you can offer your help in a hospital.

For example, you can go to the Blood Center to make a blood donation donazione sangue, or spend a bit of your time close to patients donare tempo.

Scientific research, that permits to take better care of the sick, could progress thanks to your economic contribution monete; finally, you could just donate a smile smile to hospitalized children (and adults too!) .



"There is no one so poor they can not give a smile; there is no one so rich they can do without".

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