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Admission to the ICU may leave the person signs visible or not visible, some caused by an illness or an accident, others by the tools and therapeutic procedures used, which can often leave scars caused by surgery or vascular access, drainage, pressure sores , herniation of the abdominal viscera.

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During hospitalization, in particular a long, the patient may lose weight or be swollen, or it can see decrease the mass of his muscles because of the setting prolonged. The appearance can also change measures necessary for the implementation of care, such as the cutting of hair and beard.



Discharge from intensive care may be present vascular catheters, catheter, drainage, intestinal stoma or tracheotomy (in the case of patients with long ICU stay, which are difficult to manage bronchial secretions). Some of these tools will be removed over time, others may remain even at the time of hospital discharge.

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